Faire la grasse mat’

Grasse Mat‘Faire la grasse matinée’ is the delightful way the French have of describing the art of sleeping in – having a lie in, lazing in bed or pillow surfing. Whatever you call it, fat mornings are my absolute favorite thing to do.

La grasse mat as it’s called for short is what you do on Sunday mornings, when you’ve been up all night partying, or when you just want to hide in bed of a morning rather than get up and face the world. Or, if you’re like me, whenever you get the chance.

I don’t actually ‘sleep in’ per se anymore. All I can manage is an extra hour of zzz’s, maybe two, after my usual waking time. Which means that instead of waking up at the crack of my –, as my husband so elegantly puts it, I awake at a time most normal people consider early. He, on the other hand, is capable of sleep-a-thons that go on far beyond my dreams. It’s a gift.

But just because I can’t sleep doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good lie in. With coffee, croissants, books, blogs, writing, to-do lists, travel arrangements – you name it, I do it while lounging in bed. Daily I give thanks to Steve Jobs for the invention of the MacBook Air. After a while I may even nod off again for a little nap. A play within a play as it were. It is the ultimate indulgence.

For a morning person, I certainly seem to spend a lot of time in bed.

How about you? Do you enjoy sleeping in or are you the ‘up and at ’em’ type?