Filer à l’anglaise

I’ve posted before about the unfortunate tendency on both sides of the Channel to blame each other for bad behaviour. Thus, the English expression to ‘take French leave’ is known as ‘filer à l’anglaise’ in French.

Such military terms spring to mind especially this week as we are all fresh from the commemorations of the armistice on November 11, marking 100 years since the end of the first World War.

Among the many international leaders who gathered in Paris on Sunday, the only one who truly lived up to the above expression was the ugly American, who went AWOL when it came time to tramp through the rain with the other leaders.

Speaking of which, this post is to also say that I too am taking French leave for a bit of a holiday and will miss my usual post this week.

In the meantime, I suggest you scoot over to the excellent Heide’s blog, where she shares a rare glimpse of the soldier’s view of World War I, along with some fascinating views from her exploration of a quarry in northern France that provided subterranean shelter during the war.

Bises et à bientôt!


  1. phildange · November 13, 2018

    French leave/filer à l’anglaise, French letter/capote anglaise, I noticed others too , it could be a game during your holydays . Meanwhile I wish you,

  2. phildange · November 13, 2018

    …a good time after you file à la canadienne anglaise .

    • MELewis · November 13, 2018

      Ha ha…yes, while apologising profusely. 😆Merci Monsieur Phil!

  3. Heide · November 13, 2018

    What a disgrace that was, to refuse a short walk in the rain to honor the men who endured UNIMAGINABLE conditions! C’est vraiment honteux. Fortunately there were other leaders there who still knew the meaning of honor and respect. Speaking of honor: Thank you so much for linking to my post. It was a true privilege to have that experience — and just as big a privilege to share it. Bonne pause, et à bientôt !

    • MELewis · November 22, 2018

      Cheers, Heide! He has been skewered in the media for that shameless behaviour, not that it made any difference, I’m sure. Seems to be the definition of a psychopath — feels no empathy for anyone other than himself. In some ways, this poor post seems entirely undeserving of linking to yours but I was honoured to do so. Merci! x

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