Some like it hot

To buy myself a bit more time on this atrociously long ‘pause’ (I am, after all, une Française!), here’s a post I published a few summers back. A très bientôt!


shutterstock_135377552Let me preface this by saying I was born with a faulty thermostat. I may be genetically predisposed to heat stroke; my mother also became red-faced at the onset of warm weather and fell apart in a heat wave. If she were still here this post would be for her.

I believe the greatest invention of the modern era not to be space travel or the internet but air conditioning. It allows the thermostatically challenged to continue to function when the temperature climbs above the dew point (mine). Nay, it enables us to survive the summer.

As living in France means mostly living sans climatisation, I’ve had to learn to adapt.

The French are convinced that air conditioning is hazardous to your health. So even if a place has A/C, it’s rarely set to a point that keeps me cool. Besides which, there will likely be a…

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  1. Osyth · August 15, 2016

    Keep doing what you are doing. It’s not an atrocious break it’s a needed one 🙂

    • MELewis · August 15, 2016

      Nothing half-baked about that advice. Just what I needed to hear. Merci chère Osyth! xo

      • Osyth · August 15, 2016

        De rien 😌

  2. zipfslaw1 · August 16, 2016

    A canicule can definitely be an experience. Here’s my canicule experience from last summer:

    • MELewis · August 16, 2016

      Funny, I have also noted the silence among passengers on the Paris métro. So many strangers sitting in silence, but it only takes a small incident to build a bridge. My husband, who normally has nerves of steel, once fainted in a packed RER in the summer heat. The crush of the other passengers prevented him from collapsing. 😉

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