Le temps d’une pause

Versailles gardensHere in France our summer siesta has begun.

This year more than ever, we need a break. I’ve written before about the fact that la pause estivale is sacrosanct in this country, about how they roll up the carpets while just about everyone goes on summer vacation.

Between the bracketed holidays of Bastille Day on July 14th and le 15 août – one of many religious holidays inscribed in the French calendar – not much will move around here. Hopefully, not even the crazy people who want to kill us.

For me, too, it’s a good time for a break. Time to step back from the routine of normal life and breathe a little. Stare at the sky, watch the grass grow. Think about some things, stop thinking about others.

For the past few years, I’ve been working on a memoir about life in France. It’s been slow going as it spans almost thirty years and many different places and experiences. Recently I began work on what I thought was the final edit – and realized I am still in need of some major restructuring. So it’s back to the drawing keyboard.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back – you see things completely differently. If I hadn’t got some space between me and that draft, I might not have seen the cracks and the flaws.

Like this picture of the formal gardens in Versaille. It took me a moment to see the other, surprising image there.

I’m hoping a blogging break will help me gain perspective and see a lot more happy faces, Including all of yours.

Hope you are heading off somewhere nice or otherwise enjoying life this summer. Please tell me all about it!

Bisous et bonnes vacances!

22 thoughts on “Le temps d’une pause

  1. Enjoy your break. The school summer holidays are the best time in the year for me, I love them! Until last night I was super busy on a projected had little time to think let alone do things with the children, but now it’s complete, the desk is clear so to speak and I’m looking forward to a lot of fun summer time

    1. How lovely that you are able to enjoy the holidays with a clear desk! Hope you get a stretch of uninterrupted fun time to enjoy with your kids. Happy summer!

  2. Enjoy your retreat. My recent our nights communinc wiht the Brontes in Haworth felt like a month floating in a pool of peace and tranquility. Well, not exactlky that, but a pleasant change! Life has just been and continues to be so dispiriting I’m even finding it hard to think about writing let alone writing…

    1. A change is better than a rest, as they say, but personally I’ll go for both! Let’s hope that the summer break brings a calming of minds at least. May you enjoy more peace and tranquility!

  3. Summer is a great time to take a break and it is so short (at least here) that you truly have to make the most of it. Stepping back is always a good idea and does provide with great perspective. See you when you get back! (Suzanne)

    1. Thanks for your wishes, Suzanne. Even in France summer is very haphazard weather-wise, especially here in Haute Savoie, so we will make hay while the sun shines, as they say. Hope the Canadian sun shines for you and Pierre!

  4. I always look forward to seeing you whenever and however you pop up in my life – you are one of the loveliest things I have gained since living in France and doing this blogging thing. Your book deserves your attention and I will be very very happy to meet it when its ready for it’s début. So enjoy the summer, recharge and refocus for a while and we’ll all be here smiling when you are ready to reappear. By the way, I am in Grenoble for 6-9 months from mid-November and rather hoping that we might manage a gossip in person (if that doesn’t sound too stalkerish) xx

    1. It will be with pleasure to meet in person, Osyth! Not something I’ve done before but a line that I would definitely cross with confidence to meet a kindred spirit. Hopefully my cheeks will have returned to normal by then – for now, they are bright red with your kind words of praise!!! 😉

    1. Merci, Cheers my dear. I will need more than luck but feel certain it can only help to have the clarity of mind that comes with quiet. Hope you are enjoying a gentle winter in Oz!

  5. I’ve always loved les jardins de Versailles… 🙂
    * * *
    bonnes vacances et bonne chance dans tout ce que tu entreprends… amicales pensées toulousaines, Mél B

    1. Hello Mélanie my dear. Just saw your comment….which shows that indeed my break is going well! Hope you are also enjoying summer, Toulouse-side. Back in the saddle again soon! xo

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