Epic marketing fails

IMG_4277I saw this display of herbal tea at the supermarket the other day and wondered if somehow I’d missed something. Yo, die?

A lot of herbal tea is consumed in France, commonly referred to as ’tisane’. There are entire aisles devoted to tisane at the supermarket, and some pharmacies also sell herbal brews for what ails you.

Apparently this one is a special blend for kids. I’m not sure anyone with the slightest understanding of English will buy it, though. Unless perhaps as a ghoulish joke for Hallowe’en?

30 thoughts on “Epic marketing fails

  1. I have to seek this out and send a box to my daughter …. the one that creased with laughter at a youth in nearby Murat slouching moodily along in a T-shirt bearing the powerful slogan: ‘MEAT’ …..

    1. I never even saw that brand tea until I moved to Haute Savoie, so not even sure if it’s available everywhere in France. I’m sure she could it add to a large collection of “what were they thinking?”

      1. Maybe not as most people are more familiar with English and also there are laws which prevents people from giving English names to products in Quebec or at least restrict its use so it is less common to see English name only on products in Quebec.
        I have often seen instance of strange use of English for product or store names in France. They often don’t seem to do appropriate vetting before picking an English expression thinking that because they are using English they will be considered cool!

  2. Even the word Tisane puts me in mind of Agatha Christie and her detective Hercule Poirot. With that in mind there must be something to investigate about this tea. A threat of mass murder in order to extort money from the makers or the Government maybe?
    xxx Huge Hugs Mel xxx

    1. That’s funny….I’m partial to a tisane before bed myself, but often wonder how they can call certain blends ‘Nuit Tranquille’ as they generally have me up every hour to the Piddle Palace, as you so charmingly call it! Bon dimanche xo

    1. Actually, it could be quite nice given the ingredients. We are definitely spoiled here for herbal tea options.. Although some of them taste like nothing more than a wet dog!

  3. Too funny, Mel! Maybe this is a meta-message. You know, a message about those of us who are noisy, sticky, moody, and often intolerable and often throwing tantrums in the aisles of the very grocery stores where tea is sold. It’s a way to take tiny revenge on the tiniest among us who so step on our last nerves and force us to wonder why we procreated in the first place because it’s surely going to come to naught and they will end up in jail or on heroine or pregnant at 14 despite our very best efforts. LOL! Or, maybe not. Maybe that’s just me. LOL! Thanks for the giggle this morning, my sweet Frenchy!

    1. Hey, Lizzy, great to hear from you, girl! It’s been awhile…hope all is well with you in sunny Arizona! Funny, you must have sussed out the secret message in the packaging copy. I sense, too, that they are hinting at something like that…but can’t for the life of me find the sense in French. Will try a box and let you know if it has any lasting effect. Maybe I’ll find the fountain of youth! Big bises xxx

      1. Mel, I get that sense, too. I really do. The French are so “funny” about things and it would not surprise me in the least to know that they are wryly “poking” at something like this here. Let’s face it, children suck, but so do all of the parents. Ha! By the way, I’m doing well, my friend. Have taken a step back from blogging because I’m trying to finish my Sci-Fi novel. I’m about halfway done with it. It’s been keeping me really busy. Well, that and the two jobs I work. Sigh. I’m a total crazy-person. But, you knew that. Bises! XOXO

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