La fin

IMG_3724With summer’s breath still warm on our necks, the first fumes of wood smoke tickle my nose. As the leaves on the trees begin to change, I realize with regret that it’s time to put away my sandals until next year.

Fall has always felt like a fresh start to me, with its back-to-school rush and the energy of cooler days. Other than November, that dreaded dark month, autumn is the season I love best. Only three months until Christmas! Time to get on that to-do list!

But this year we have had such a glorious summer, it is hard to see it pack its bags. The first true hot summer weather in years, du début jusqu’à la fin. It got nice early in the spring and stayed that way throughout July and August. We were able to enjoy long evenings on the deck, drink and eat outside all the time. I complained, of course, that it was too hot. After all, who feels like working when the pool beckons?

But it’s time to let go. This past weekend I packed up all my summer clothes and sorted through the fall and winter ones before making the semi-annual switch. This is something I do twice a year, partly because I don’t have enough closet space to keep everything in circulation but also because it’s good to sort through what you haven’t worn lately and make a cull. Sometimes it’s an excuse to go shopping. “Out with the old, in with the new!” The charity shops enjoy it, too.

I am not a huge fan of endings. I find most things start out better than they end. When deeply enthralled with a book, I often skip ahead and read the ending so that I can relax and enjoy it without the suspense. Sometimes I get two-thirds through a film and can’t be bothered to watch the rest. But I love the bittersweet time of transitions – endings and beginnings. Summer’s end means the beginning of fall, and a new year just around the corner.

I guess that change is in the air. My yoga teacher announced that today would be our last class. She is a very good instructor and an inspired soul who puts a lot of herself into teaching, but she’s having too hard a time making a living at it. She told us today that the fall season is deeply associated with change, that it is a time for letting go. I guess that means it’s time for me to accept that all good things must come to an end.

C’est la fin de l’été.

IMG_2569How do you feel about endings and beginnings? Do you embrace change or go out kicking and screaming?

27 thoughts on “La fin

  1. I quite like the change of seasons. We had a variable summer in London and I’m embracing the sunny September days. But I can feel the autumn chill, and I’m thinking of things I want to do in the cooler months. Gentle shifts rather than abrupt finishes for me.

  2. So symbolic in so many ways! Usually for me , change is a good thing and I usually enjoy it. Although I’ve enjoyed nesting in my new home 🙂 x

  3. A lovely read. I too love Autumn – but am mindful of my late Aunt’s advice that the falling of the sap naturally makes us slow down and that we should ignore it at our peril as we were thus inviting colds and illness by not guarding our energy.

  4. Really felt the atmosphere as I read this. Change can be good and, of course, endings can also be beginnings. Cooked the first ‘stew’ of the year last night and the hens are in moult, so there’s no avoiding the facts now. Focus on the season of lights ahead and plant the spring bulbs x

    1. Oh, you are right! As the days get shorter, the lights come on earlier and keep us safe. Love that feeling too. Merci for your feedback – much appreciated!

  5. I love fall as well for its beautiful light and colour.
    You made me smile with your comment on reading the ending of a book ahead of time. I do that all the time something my husband truly doesn’t understand. I don’t realy know why I do it but you are right that sometimes the suspense is just high and I need to know. (Suzanne)

    1. Aha, a fellow cheater! 😉 Glad to know I’m not alone – my husband feels the same as Pierre. The fall colours must be beautiful in Québec. Looking forward to seeing what you capture!

      1. Well, I don’t know how much of the Quebec colours will capture this as we are currently in Europe until mid – October so it might be pretty much done when we get back to Montréal…It might have to wait for next year.

      2. You wouldn’t know as we haven’t said anywhere on our blog and I am still posting articles from our 10-days tour of Charlevoix which ended on September 6! We don’t use the blog to tell people what is upcoming but only to tell after the fact.

  6. Oh, change is hard for me, although I adore the changing seasons and relish every square inch of movement toward the next phase of seasonal cycles.
    Work change is necessary sometimes, and I try really hard to pull the threads of happy possibility from a security blanket that I’m used to wrapping myself in and that now is being folded and shelved. Yes, change is good, so much of the time. And when it isn’t, it’s a challenge for the heart to make it so.
    Happy autumn!

    1. Thank you for your deeply personal observation, Shelley. It somehow makes me feel a little less alone in this crazy world to know that others struggle with these things. Wishing you much joy in the work change to come and happy days ahead!

  7. I love Autumn too but am struggling with the end of summer. Maybe it has something to do with this being the first year we’ve enjoyed an outdoor space where we live. I can’t imagine however reading the ending of a book and returning to the middle. All kinds of wonderful! 🙂

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