Beauty and the beast

Our summer holidays aren’t until September this year. Meanwhile, I find myself dreaming of Corsica, where we went two years ago. Here’s a reblog of my post about the French island of beauty.


IMG_1267They call it ‘l’île de beauté’. But beauty is only half of the story. Here’s why Corsica is the preferred vacation spot of the French…and why it took me twenty years to get there.

When the rest of the world descends upon the south of France, the French flee to their most cherished summer vacation spot: la Corse. Situated just above Sardinia, the rugged Mediterranean island is actually closer to Italy than France, and the Corsican language resonates like Italian.

For years friends have been urging me to visit Corsica. “C’est magnifique…You won’t regret it….Small, private beaches….Perfect weather….Wild and uninhabited…Food that combines the best of French and Italian.” Hmm…sounds like my kind of vacation place. In fact, with so much going for it, I’m not sure what was holding us back.

Actually, I do. My husband. He had a very negative preconception about les Corses. Macho types…

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  1. wanderingcows · August 7, 2015

    I’ve not been to Corsica, nor have I thought about it. But now you’ve made me want to consider it for The List.

    • MELewis · August 8, 2015

      I’m certainly not the French tourist office but Corsica should definitely be on your list! Truly an iconic and completely unique island. Hope you make it there one day…

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