Poisson d’Avril!

The April Fools’ tradition in France involves a fish.

Happily, it is a hand-made paper fish that a child will stick on your back, then cry: ‘Poisson d’Avril!’

I think you have to be French to get why this is funny.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

More about the Poisson d’Avril tradition in France:

April Fools’ Day traditions in France – le 1er avril


6 thoughts on “Poisson d’Avril!

  1. That sounds like a nice gentle tradition that’s been carried forward, no matter it may not have had a glorious start. It’s colourful and must keep the little monsters busy colouring in fish for a couple of days beforehand.Maybe I should start work on my young grandson early to see if he’ll give it a go.

    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. David, I’m sure he’d love it! And I agree it’s a much nicer tradition than all the practical joking that goes on around April 1st. For once, the French tradition doesn’t involve eating anything fattening! Bzzz

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